Need Seating in Tight Spaces?

Does your business ever struggle with a lack of seating in gowning areas? Do staff or visitors complain because they don’t feel safe putting on booties standing up?

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® can solve the problem.

EZ-Rest® is specially designed to fit in small gowning areas! This unique seat allows individuals to sit down and don overalls or booties…and then essentially disappears next to the wall. The EZ-Rest® provides a full size seat and then retracts to 3¼ inches from the wall. This frees up the floor space and helps make a tight space a bit more accessible.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chairs® are now available in stainless steel.   Additionally, we have created a 9 inch  EZ-Rest® Step Stool for tight spaces as well.

To learn more about this specialty product, contact us today at 610-566-2828 or by email.