Suitable Seating at Work- Does your business have it?

In December 2012,  K-Mart was found not liable for providing suitable seating for cashiers in California. Those cashier areas were not conducive to stools or chairs, and no one had a solution-there is more to it than that-a link to the article is below… But the story is not over, a Class Action Suit has been raised over the provision of offering seats for cashiers in other big box stores in California. One key aspect of the suit   is to ensure workers can sit when possible based on  a current California’s wage order.  Labor Code Section 1198 and Section 14(A) of Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order 7-2001 states  “All working employees shall be provided with suitable seats when the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of seats.”

Regardless of whether or not the lawsuit is won or lost,  providing a good work environment is what  employers want.  If that includes offering safe, secure, convenient and accessible seating – most employers  would eagerly seek that for their staff.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® is the answer for safe, secure, convenient and accessible seating. The unique design allows placement of this self retracting seat in any location. As long as there is a floor and place to mount EZ-Rest Chair®, only 3 1/4 inches of space is used when the pull down seat is not being used. With the increasing use of portable computers on wheels (COWs), assuring a safe place to rest while typing can be a challenge. EZ-Rest®  mounted in corridors offers the perfect “Rest Station” for staff or visitors needing a monetary break.

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Maintaining high employee job satisfaction is a key to retaining  good staff and consequently,  a major factor in successful customer service delivery.

Bottom line, happy staff lead to happy customers and clients, that leads to better business for everyone…even if means someone is sitting!

To learn more about the Kmart lawsuit, courtesy of Courthouse News Service click here.

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Challenged by ADA Non-compliant Companion Seating

As more and more places are striving to improve access, EZ-Rest Chair® is here to help.  Whether the problem is limited space in dressing rooms or not having a place to enable persons using wheelchairs  to sit with a friend-  EZ-Rest® is the perfect solution. This specially designed chair  offers a wall-mounted non-combustible retractable chair for non-compliant auditoriums which need companion sitting.  EZ-Rest® provides seating next to the individual in the wheelchair and when no longer needed, it quickly and safely  disappears.

EZ-Rest Chair® works in tight spaces. In many cities, older firehouses have tight bays for men and trucks – firefighters  need a place to sit  just long enough to get on their boots but can’t risk a bench being in the way. EZ-Rest Chair®   solves this need.

If your organization has a special ADA seating need – feel free to explore how EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® can help!