Challenged by ADA Non-compliant Companion Seating

As more and more places are striving to improve access, EZ-Rest Chair® is here to help.  Whether the problem is limited space in dressing rooms or not having a place to enable persons using wheelchairs  to sit with a friend-  EZ-Rest® is the perfect solution. This specially designed chair  offers a wall-mounted non-combustible retractable chair for non-compliant auditoriums which need companion sitting.  EZ-Rest® provides seating next to the individual in the wheelchair and when no longer needed, it quickly and safely  disappears.

EZ-Rest Chair® works in tight spaces. In many cities, older firehouses have tight bays for men and trucks – firefighters  need a place to sit  just long enough to get on their boots but can’t risk a bench being in the way. EZ-Rest Chair®   solves this need.

If your organization has a special ADA seating need – feel free to explore how EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® can help!