JCAHO 2012 Life Safety Changes Increase Access

Maybe reading Life Safety Codes is not your cup of tea, but the changes in  2012 can make seating access a lot easier for many  places. Previously, wall mounted furniture could not be placed or allowed  in hallways. Regardless of the mechanisms, any item that projected into the space was pretty well forbidden.

Fortunately, with so many organizations using wall mounted desks and needing seating, the 2012 Life Safety Code, (5) now reflect the ability to have wall attached seating! Now, of course there are some conditions,  the corridor width must be  at least 8 ft and the furniture must be securely attached to the floor or to the wall; and it can’t reduce the corridor to less than  than 6 ft. There are a few more rules…like keeping them all to one side and not having too many  and not too close (at least 10 feet apart). Of course, the furniture cannot obstruct fire equipment either!

So now the extra good news, EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair was specially designed to do just this!  Our product attaches to the floor and the wall, takes up minimal space – just 3 1/4″ from the wall  and  the 2012 LSC allows projections in to the corridor up to 6”. When  in use, EZ-Rest  only extends 14 inches into the corridor. Plus it is made of metal and fully non-combustible! At last a solution for corridor seating!

So- if your organization has been struggling with hallway seating or finding a place for nurses to sit while charting on portable computers on wheels- look no further. See the latest changes in Kansas  Lifesafety-Codeculture-Change summary and check with your local officials.

Check out EZ-Rest today. We are happy to answer any questions, just contact us!