News From Our Clients

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® is pleased to share the success stories from our satisfied customers.

Kingston General Hospital adds EZ-Rest® to make the Hospital Journey easier

Kingston General Hospital installed an EZ-Rest® to help patients be able to move from place to place safely. The goal of creating REST Stations along commonly traveled corridors enables visitors and  patients to take a minute rest. After discovering the safety advantages of adding these wall mounted chairs for their patients and visitors , KGH  now has 11 EZ-Rest Chairs® throughout  their facility.

The attached article shares even more of their story.  Left-click the PDF link to view in browser.  Right-click and “save as” to download.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® pays for itself in less than 23 weeks!

When asked to analyze why organizations should buy an EZ-Rest®, because many administrators want to know their “Return on Investment” (ROI), we support our clients by helping them calculate the costs associated with therapists taking training chairs in and out of stairwells or hallways. Considering the average salary costs of just 8 minutes of a therapist’s time 3 times a day for 5 days,  and then multiplying that by the total number of clinicians;  we can show it  takes less than 23 weeks to recover the actual cost of one EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® using just one therapist’s time.

Not sure if this calculation would work for your organization- we can  help you calculate your own ROI…the actual dollar costs may surprise you!

Your organization’s Return on Investment  could not only be financial but also with increased staff satisfaction! Consider adding wall mounted  chairs to your hallways today!

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