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Does your organization ever need temporary seating?
EZ-Rest® is the Answer!


EZ-Rest on stand, partially opened

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® provides easy to use seating, which is safe and secure for individuals in need of a place to sit, whether for gowning or for a quick rest. This new patented product is a self-retracting metal folding chair that mounts on any floor and wall and protrudes only 3  1/4 inch from the wall when not in use.

EZ-Rest Chair® provides a temporary “Rest Station” for anywhere where people need a  seat, in changing areas, or long hallways for individuals.

EZ-Rest is the only solution that takes itself out of the way!

This self-retracting chair attaches almost anywhere, yet remains out of the way until short-term seating is needed.  It fits in “oasis alcoves”, hallways, areas of refuge, ships, boats, changing rooms, and other small areas like dorm rooms, shower rooms, etc.
Our self-retracting chair is made of metal, is fire resistant and easy to clean. EZ-Rest® can be customized to meet the special needs of the facilities, including being made in stainless steel.  Assorted powder coat colors, heights, labeling, and engraving of specialized logos are available.

EZ-Rest® has also developed a self retracting folding stool. It stands 9 inches tall in use but retracts to less than 3 1/2 inches from the wall.

EZ-Rest® is proudly manufactured in the United States in the state of Idaho.

EZ-Rest, Inc, a certified woman-owned and small business is both the manufacturing and distribution company.

We are dedicated to safety and expanding access for individuals in need of temporary seating by providing “Rest Stations” everywhere.

Bonnie Breit is an Occupational Therapist and hospital administrator with over 30 years of experience who conceived this safety product after observing people in need. Ms. Breit manages all of the administrative aspects of the business. In addition, Thomas Moore, a veteran of the Korean Conflict is responsible for the operations and manufacturing quality control.

Some of  our Customers:
Kingston General Hospital- Canada
Amarillo Small Veterinary Clinic- Texas
Eli Lilly Manufacturing- Indianapolis
St. Charles Medical Center- Oregon

NAICS: 337127, 423450

PSC: 4240, 6530, 7195, 7290

Cage Code: 6K3L5

DUNS: 841424281

EZ-Rest, Inc is  certified as a Women Owned Business and a Small Business. 

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Contact: Bonnie Breit, CEO and Inventor
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Tel:      610.566.2828
Fax:     610.892.0235
101 E Baltimore Ave # 515
Media, PA 19063

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