Questions and Answers

EZ-Rest® Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZ-Rest®?

  • EZ-Rest® is a self retracting folding chair designed to provide safe secure seating which is convenient and accessible anywhere including  in small spaces.
  • EZ-Rest® is also a folding stool that provides a wall or stand mounted step stool that fits under work benches and provides an easy way for tall or short people to work at the same place.
  • EZ-Rest® wall mounted chair meets the simple need for seating to rest or to enhances safety during day to day activities, like gowning, as well as during emergency situations.
  • EZ-Rest® chairs provide companion or temporary seating for theaters/auditoriums, or for use with workstations on wheels (WOW) in corridors.
  • EZ-Rest® also offers seating for individuals with disability in long corridors or large stairwells.
  • EZ-Rest® chair is designed to fit under standard handrails, extending 3 1/4 inches from the wall.  When retracted, the top of the frame stands at 30 inches and opened the EZ-Rest® seat is 18 inches off the floor.
  • EZ-Rest®supports more than 500 lbs. weight.
  • EZ-Rest® comes with a 5 year warranty.

Where Can EZ-Rest®Go?

  • EZ-Rest® chair can be wall mounted anywhere there is a floor and a wall!
  • EZ-Rest® works in industrial settings, hospitals, corridors greater than 8 feet, nursing centers, businesses, stadiums, concert halls, airports, schools, post offices, dressing rooms and other spaces where folks may need a “Rest Station”, including areas of refuge in stairwell landings based on local safety approval.

How does EZ-Rest® work?

  • EZ-Rest® mounts on any wall, it remains flat until it is pulled down and a person sits or stands on it. The EZ-Rest®  stool can be mounted on machinery or specialty mounting brackets have been designed for free standing placement of either device.
  • When the person stands up, the wall mounted EZ-Rest Self Retractable Folding Chair®, automatically returns to its folded position, protruding only 3 1/4 inches from the wall meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Guidelines.

EZ-Rest®chair offers secure resting seats for all individuals needing a convenient  place to sit. It is especially useful for changing rooms with limited space and during therapy training while practicing safe ambulation in stairwells at health care facilities, e.g. hospitals, nursing care centers, and personal care homes.

Man sitting in EZ-Rest chair

EZ-Rest Chair in use in hospital

EZ-Rest mounted front view

EZ-Rest Folded -ready for use 3 1/4 inches

How is EZ-Rest® made?

    • EZ-Rest® is constructed under strict quality control measures.
    • EZ-Rest® is made from steel with stainless steel and aluminum components and is fire resistant.
    • EZ-Rest® is fully cleanable and designed to meet universal infection control needs.
    • EZ-Rest®can be made to order in stainless steel to meet maximum infection control needs.
    • EZ-Rest® design satisfies NFPA guidelines and conforms to both national and international building safety codes, and does not require UL certification.
    • EZ-Rest® design meets JCAHO  2012 Life Safety Code, (5) for corridor and  hallway access.
    • EZ-Rest® design includes adjustable mounting brackets for all commercial and residential construction including concrete or studded walls.
    • EZ-Rest® is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.
    • EZ-Rest® is Patented.

Who designed EZ-Rest®?