EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair

EZ-Rest Chair Down

EZ-Rest Chair® is a new product designed to provide seating anywhere there is a wall and a floor! The unique patented self-retracting wall or cabinet mounted chair folds up when not in use so it fits particularly well in tight spaces. EZ-Rest Chair® is designed to offer suitable seating behind registers, banks and in other businesses.

EZ-Rest wall and  floor attached Chair® can be used in numerous locations including stores, hospitals, changing areas, elevator waiting areas, long hallways or even in bathrooms to offer safe temporary seating. The EZ-Rest Chair® mounts in industrial locations, in cashier spaces and even offers self-retractable seating on boats or ships.

EZ-Rest Chair® meets new 2013 JCAHO hallway safety guidelines, as well as fire safety standards and improves ADA compliance for individuals with disabilities.

EZ-Rest Chair® is the perfect solution providing self retracting or folding seats for areas in need of suitable seating as defined in the Kilby vs. CVS Pharmacy April 4, 2016 California case. EZ-Rest Chair®offers companion sitting in auditoriums as well. This unique self-retracting wall mounted chair provides a place to sit right next to an individual using a wheelchair and then quickly disappears leaving the area fully accessible to others; NO extra chairs are ever need to be moved or stored. EZChairupright

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® has been specially designed to fill the need for seating that truly disappears until it’s needed! Just like  baby-changing stations and microwaves,
EZ-Rest Chair®  provides   Suitable Seating  or a “Rest Station” wherever you need it!

EZ-Rest® is the only solution that takes itself out of the way!!

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® is Patented!!

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EZ-Rest® has also created a new safety stool that self retracts as well.  See more here!