CA Ruling Required Seating for Staff 2016

California Supreme Courts have ruled “Employers cannot deny a worker a place to sit just because they prefer the person stand, and they must consider the employee’s work station, not their overall duties, when determining whether to provide a seat on  Monday, April 4, 2016.

The ruling is aimed at clarifying state labor regulations that require employers in California to provide workers with “suitable seats” when the nature of their work reasonably permits the use of seats.

Michael Rubin, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said the decision was a victory for all workers who have been denied a place to sit while they perform repetitive tasks in fixed locations.

“For the millions of California worker in the retail industry, this is going to mean that in the next few weeks, their employers will start giving them seats, which will promote health and comfort,” he said.

CVS Health spokesman Michael DeAngelis said CVS was pleased with the California Supreme Court’s ruling. The company’s policies are consistent with the “long-understood, reasonable interpretation of the law” that employers can consider factors such as their desire to provide prompt and efficient customer service when deciding whether seating is appropriate.

For more details from this story- click here for CBS.

The court ruling provides for the protection of workers who have for years had to stand in their jobs. Read  more about the case here.

Fortunately, EZ-Rest Self Retracting Folding Chairs offers a solution. This patented floor mounted seating fits behind registers and allows secure seating for employees. Customization with company design compatibility available! Contact us today!


Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) and Seating

WOWs, aka Workstations on Wheels- these rolling laptops are the latest and greatest addition to support electronic medical record documentation systems in many healthcare programs. The benefits of the electronic record has been well documented as recently as  May 2013 when Tulane became the recipient of a  “Heroes in Healthcare” Innovation Award- click here to read more.  The good news is that nurses and other professionals can take the computer into the clinical location, whether that is the patient’s bedside,clinics or even, the x-ray room.

Healthcare administrators are now striving to find methods to support the staff in securing effective seating locations while using the WOWs. Historically, charting occurred at nursing stations or central desk areas. Today, treatment is focused in larger patient centered treatment clusters wasting less space on staff desks for seating. Great news for patients, but not so much for those professionals needing to sit to chart. Fortunately, a new product, EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair is now available and has been designed to enable hallway seating. EZ-Rest Chairs are not only convenient but meets 2012 Life Safety Code, (5) which now reflect the ability to have wall attached seating.

Recognizing how important staff comfort and safety is to ensuring quality care, more hospitals are exploring this option. Not only do the EZ-Rest Chairs offer seating for staff, they also provide safe resting spaces for patients and visitors traveling the many long corridors and hallways found in healthcare facilities throughout the world.

EZ-Rest is proud to support healthcare professionals both literally, and figuratively, with our product. To learn more, contact us today.


Patient Directed Care; Making Hallways Friendlier

Man sitting in EZ-Rest chairAs organizations struggle to find optimal ways to improve patient directed or patient centered care, the structure of their buildings is often a challenge. Visitors and patients often complain about the distance between departments, as well as from the garage to the necessary treatment center.

Many hospitals and outpatient settings are designed with long hallways and expansive corridors.  Finding a way to offer temporary seating in these areas has not been an easy task. Historically, benches have been added but often these posed safety challenge by taking up limited space. Recent changes to the Joint Commission 2012 Life Safety Codes enable wall attached furniture in hallways exceeding 8 feet in width which certainly will help make seating access a bit easier.

Improving the overall patient and family experience associated with hospital and healthcare delivery is a quickly expanding goal today. Getting around health care buildings is a common challenge throughout the world. Frequently, staff members offer patients and visitors wheelchairs in order to transport those who become fatigued to their destinations. Optimal patient centered care is being designed to support the staff’s ability to ensure patients and visitors safety.  Meanwhile, assuring conformance with multiple regulatory requirements remains an ongoing component in the new patient directed care approach.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® is now being used by organizations to support patient directed care by providing  temporary “Rest Stations” in key locations throughout their facilities.

EZ-Rest, Inc. is committed to providing a viable solution to improve patient’s experiences in the healthcare delivery environment. One Canadian organization, Kingston General Hospital initially placed eight EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chairs in their hallways. In less than a year, the organization added three more seats to improve their accessibility. Please feel free to read more about their experience by  clicking this link.

If your organization is interested in learning more about how EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair®, the only self-retracting wall  mounted seating can improve your patient directed care efforts, please contact us today.

JCAHO 2012 Life Safety Changes Increase Access

Maybe reading Life Safety Codes is not your cup of tea, but the changes in  2012 can make seating access a lot easier for many  places. Previously, wall mounted furniture could not be placed or allowed  in hallways. Regardless of the mechanisms, any item that projected into the space was pretty well forbidden.

Fortunately, with so many organizations using wall mounted desks and needing seating, the 2012 Life Safety Code, (5) now reflect the ability to have wall attached seating! Now, of course there are some conditions,  the corridor width must be  at least 8 ft and the furniture must be securely attached to the floor or to the wall; and it can’t reduce the corridor to less than  than 6 ft. There are a few more rules…like keeping them all to one side and not having too many  and not too close (at least 10 feet apart). Of course, the furniture cannot obstruct fire equipment either!

So now the extra good news, EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair was specially designed to do just this!  Our product attaches to the floor and the wall, takes up minimal space – just 3 1/4″ from the wall  and  the 2012 LSC allows projections in to the corridor up to 6”. When  in use, EZ-Rest  only extends 14 inches into the corridor. Plus it is made of metal and fully non-combustible! At last a solution for corridor seating!

So- if your organization has been struggling with hallway seating or finding a place for nurses to sit while charting on portable computers on wheels- look no further. See the latest changes in Kansas  Lifesafety-Codeculture-Change summary and check with your local officials.

Check out EZ-Rest today. We are happy to answer any questions, just contact us!



Suitable Seating at Work- Does your business have it?

In December 2012,  K-Mart was found not liable for providing suitable seating for cashiers in California. Those cashier areas were not conducive to stools or chairs, and no one had a solution-there is more to it than that-a link to the article is below… But the story is not over, a Class Action Suit has been raised over the provision of offering seats for cashiers in other big box stores in California. One key aspect of the suit   is to ensure workers can sit when possible based on  a current California’s wage order.  Labor Code Section 1198 and Section 14(A) of Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order 7-2001 states  “All working employees shall be provided with suitable seats when the nature of the work reasonably permits the use of seats.”

Regardless of whether or not the lawsuit is won or lost,  providing a good work environment is what  employers want.  If that includes offering safe, secure, convenient and accessible seating – most employers  would eagerly seek that for their staff.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® is the answer for safe, secure, convenient and accessible seating. The unique design allows placement of this self retracting seat in any location. As long as there is a floor and place to mount EZ-Rest Chair®, only 3 1/4 inches of space is used when the pull down seat is not being used. With the increasing use of portable computers on wheels (COWs), assuring a safe place to rest while typing can be a challenge. EZ-Rest®  mounted in corridors offers the perfect “Rest Station” for staff or visitors needing a monetary break.

EZ-Rest logo white text with blue border

Maintaining high employee job satisfaction is a key to retaining  good staff and consequently,  a major factor in successful customer service delivery.

Bottom line, happy staff lead to happy customers and clients, that leads to better business for everyone…even if means someone is sitting!

To learn more about the Kmart lawsuit, courtesy of Courthouse News Service click here.

For more information on this specialty wall attached seating, EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® feel free to  click here  to contact us directly.

Need Seating in Tight Spaces?

Does your business ever struggle with a lack of seating in gowning areas? Do staff or visitors complain because they don’t feel safe putting on booties standing up?

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® can solve the problem.

EZ-Rest® is specially designed to fit in small gowning areas! This unique seat allows individuals to sit down and don overalls or booties…and then essentially disappears next to the wall. The EZ-Rest® provides a full size seat and then retracts to 3¼ inches from the wall. This frees up the floor space and helps make a tight space a bit more accessible.

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chairs® are now available in stainless steel.   Additionally, we have created a 9 inch  EZ-Rest® Step Stool for tight spaces as well.

To learn more about this specialty product, contact us today at 610-566-2828 or by email.


Challenged by ADA Non-compliant Companion Seating

As more and more places are striving to improve access, EZ-Rest Chair® is here to help.  Whether the problem is limited space in dressing rooms or not having a place to enable persons using wheelchairs  to sit with a friend-  EZ-Rest® is the perfect solution. This specially designed chair  offers a wall-mounted non-combustible retractable chair for non-compliant auditoriums which need companion sitting.  EZ-Rest® provides seating next to the individual in the wheelchair and when no longer needed, it quickly and safely  disappears.

EZ-Rest Chair® works in tight spaces. In many cities, older firehouses have tight bays for men and trucks – firefighters  need a place to sit  just long enough to get on their boots but can’t risk a bench being in the way. EZ-Rest Chair®   solves this need.

If your organization has a special ADA seating need – feel free to explore how EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® can help!


EZ-Rest® at the RIMS 2012 Conference!


EZ-Rest chair down with foot

EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® was very well-received at the RIMS 2012 Conference in Philadelphia!  Risk Management professionals from every corner of the globe got to see EZ-Rest® in action at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from April 16-18th, and we’d like to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth to learn more about our product.

Professionals from a wide array of industries expressed interest in EZ-Rest®;  not only is it in demand in hospitals, rehab centers, and senior centers, but it’s also being considered for use in industrial facilities, municipal buildings, stadiums, and zoos, just to name a few!

When it comes to risk prevention, EZ-Rest® is the perfect solution, providing rest for those who need it and peace of mind for business owners looking to reduce the risk of falls.

Want to learn more- give us a call or contact us directly!